Since 1997, we gathered specialists of the dressers and metallurgists in the CIS Congress of mineral processing engineers.

For three days our participants have a unique opportunity in the framework of program activities to share experiences, including making a presentation, learn about the latest equipment and to talk informally with colleagues in the industry.

The main themes of the Congress:

  • new equipment, control systems and automation, new reagents and auxiliary materials for concentration plants;
  • practice of domestic and foreign equipment, automation systems using;
  • technological problems of concentration plants and ways of their solution;
  • innovative technologies for complex treatment of mineral raw materials;
  • research in the field of preparation and separation processes of ore treatment.

The Congress annually attracts more than 600 specialists of mineral processing industry, companies producing equipment and reagents,  research, design and educational institutes of Australia, Angola, Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden.